We carefully store and manage all of our clients' one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable works of art


Temperature and humidity are strictly controlled, with temperatures maintained at 20ºC (±2ºC) and humidity at 50% (±5%) year-round. Quake-resistant construction prevents items from falling or sustaining damage in an earthquake. Our use of an Argonite gas fire suppression system ensures client artworks are protected even in the event of a disaster.

Artwork Storage

Surveillance cameras, motion detectors, card keys and 24-hour security enable us to provide strict control over warehouse entry and exit. Clients' artworks are protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through a multi-layer security system and careful monitoring.


We are offering reliable care services adapted to the Japanese climate. A fumigation system to protect artworks from mold and pests, a “seasoning room” which acclimatizes artwork to our temperature/humidity controlled storage, a conservation laboratory which can assess the condition of delicate artworks, and a variety of unparalleled equipment are included.

Fumigation Facility, Seasoning Room


We provide one-stop solutions for every need associated with art storage

Artwork Storage Services

Artwork Storage

Artwork Storage
Our warehouse can be used to store a wide range of artwork, from paintings to three-dimensional works. We also offer space with a high ceiling enabling the storage of large paintings.
Monthly fee starting from 40,000 yen~ (before tax).
Note: Ceiling height is 480cm


We store and manage clients' valuable artwork, item by item.
Monthly fee starting from 7,000 yen~ (before tax).

Bonded Warehouse

Bonded Warehouse
A bonded warehouse is available for temporary storage of items shipped from overseas without going through customs procedures. Items stored in the bonded warehouse are tax-exempt.
Monthly fee starting from 10,000 yen~ (before tax).

Note: Locker and safe deposit box services that are suited to storage of other types of artwork and valuables are also available.

Art Storage Additional Services


Transportation, Exhibition, Packing
TERRADA ART ASSIST Co., Ltd. was established in April 2016, in order to correspond to the diversifying global needs. We offer highly convenient services by constructing the system that can deal with tasks of transportation, exhibition, storage, packing and restoration of art domestically and overseas in one-stop.TERRADA ART ASSIST Co.,Ltd


Our art storage facilities are also uniquely equipped with our TERRADA CONSERVATION LABORATORY. Our specialists in art restoration are also on hand full-time for various restorations in order to raise the value of artworks and pass them on to future generations. Additionally, the conservation laboratory also contains a world-class photography studio which offers state-of-the-art, high-definition photographs, with X-ray and ultraviolet functions which can assess the condition of delicate artworks.

Fumigation Facility, Seasoning Room

Fumigation Facility, Seasoning Room
In order to conserve the value of delicate art long into the future, we are fully equipped with a fumigation system to protect artworks from mold and pests. We also have a “seasoning room” which acclimatizes art to the temperature and humidity of our storage facilities. By fully equipping the facility equivalent to national and public art museums within the warehouse, we provide customers with the storage environment optimum for artworks.

Viewing Room

Viewing Room
Our warehouse includes a viewing room offering the same storage environment as the art warehouse itself. Clients can use this space to check the condition of their artworks and conduct business discussions.


We also have an open gallery space on the premises, allowing you to exhibit your art collection conveniently on-site.T-ART HALL

Other Additional Services

・Art appraisal, sales representation and inheritance support
・Event planning, management and related operations
・Art dealing and related services
・Representation for art insurance applications
・Consulting related to the above operations as well as provision of art handlers

Sebastian Masuda PHOTO

Providing an Environment for Artists to Focus on Creation
Sebastian Masuda, Art Director / Artist
We interviewed Sebastian Masuda at KAWAII MONSTER CAFE, which he created in Harajuku, Tokyo. It is a popular restaurant that opened in August 2015 and has been visited by 200,000 people over the past year. Its popularity extends not only to customers, but also as a location for television programs and magazine photo shoots. …read more

Kengo Kuma PHOTO

The Importance of Cultural Inheritance through Storage
Kengo Kuma, Architect
Kengo Kuma’s office is located in Gaienmae, Tokyo. The multinational staff work energetically in a scene that truly symbolizes his status as a world-renowned architect. A representative example of Kuma’s recent work is his use of numerous parts of the old Kabuki-za theater when the theater was rebuilt. "The amount of information physical things carry is overwhelming. …read more

Yuka Tsuruno PHOTO

A New Way of Enjoying Art is Created from Where It is Stored
Yuka Tsuruno, Gallerist
Yuka Tsuruno is a gallerist, an occupation still largely unfamiliar to people in Japan. She started with just a small space. "Originally, I stored artworks in a stockroom in my gallery. But as customers began leaving more pieces with me, I started to feel a greater responsibility toward how they were stored. Stains and mold can damage the value of artwork, …read more

Daisuke Miyatsu PHOTO

Becoming the World’s Leading Art Storage Service
Daisuke Miyatsu, Yokohama University of Art & Design Professor / Art Collector
Miyatsu is an internationally known private collector. He began using Warehouse TERRADA after being hit by a major natural disaster. Sensing it would be risky to continue storing his artwork at home, he researched the facilities and specifications of every available storage company before deciding to store his collection with Warehouse TERRADA. …read more


Q.What are storage conditions like?
Our depository is a warehouse fully equipped with an air-conditioning system that provides strict control over temperature and humidity. This ensures the environment is maintained at levels suitable for storage of artwork year-round (temperature of 20ºC (±2ºC), humidity of 50% (±5%)).
Q.What are your security features?
Surveillance cameras, motion detectors, card keys and 24-hour security enable us to provide strict control over warehouse entry and exit.
Q.Can I deposit a single item?
We offer TERRADA ART STORAGE under which you can deposit a single item.
Q.Can you also provide transport of artworks?
TERRADA ART ASSIST Co., Ltd. enables us to provide a one-stop service for the storage, transport and display of artworks both in and outside of Japan, a great convenience for clients attempting to expand globally.
Q.What other artwork-related services do you provide?
Other services include an online system for managing the items you have deposited with us and staff to assist in delivery and removal of artwork, as well as artwork appraisal and sales agent services, repair services, and transport even of single items. Clients may also enjoy the use of the viewing room and gallery located inside the warehouse. Feel free to contact us for more information.
Q.What is the procedure for completing a contract?
Contracts can be completed either in person at our office, or by mail.
Q.Can I enter into a contract even if I do not live in Japan?
Yes. Please contact us for details.
Q.What do I need to complete a contract?

For customers requesting a personal contract, please have the following two items on hand:

- Personal identification (printed with the address that will appear on the contract);
- A valid credit card used for the payment
* As proof of identification, a driver's license or a health insurance card (printed with the address that will appear on the contract) is recommended. In case a passport is used as identification, a receipt of utility bill (issued within the past three months) or a copy of a resident card is also required.

For customers requesting a corporate contract, please have the following four items on hand:

- A certificate of full registry records (issued within the past three months)
- A certificate of seal registration (issued within the past three months)
- A registered seal
- A valid credit card used for the payment
Q.How are payments made?
Only credit card payment is available.
Q.How long are your contracts?
Contracts and cancellations are on a monthly basis. Pro-rated terms are not available. For short-term use for up to three months, contact us in advance.
Q.Is insurance coverage provided?
While a certain amount of coverage, in line with the amount you pay in storage fees, is included, we recommend taking out a separate property insurance policy for high-value artworks. If you wish, we can assist with a policy in conjunction with our partner insurance firm.


Address 2-6-10, Higashishinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Opening Hours 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Closed Mondays, National holidays and Year-end/New-Year holiday period
Contact +81(0)3 5439 5917
Access 4 minute walk from Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit Rinkai Line "Tennoz Isle Station" B Exit
5 minute walk from Tokyo Monorail Haneda Airport Line "Tennoz Isle Station" Central Exit
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